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Fear is a powerful feeling, which sometimes overpowers an individual’s logical and critical reasoning powers, without any basis.  Recently, many experienced teachers fear use of technology professionally; they fear that technology is going to replace them in the future. Commenting on this irrational fear a well known writer says that technology is not likely to replace the teacher, but a teacher who does not use technology will be replaced by a one who has a strong technical background. There are many productive things a teacher can do by using technical tools, for instance explain a difficult concept like calculus with the help of multimedia.

Teachers can use technology in many ways to make their lives easy, they can use multimedia to capture and focus students’ attention, use technological tools to fully explain difficult topics or help students to master skills that would help them in the highly competitive environment outside the schools, where digital skills are urgently needed.

1.Use technology to enhance your teaching abilities, e.g. use multimedia to communicate effectively with your students.

2.Keep yourself informed of the latest technology used in your field, your students are aware and use latest technology in everyday life.  You do not have to compete with them, teach them through the media that is familiar to them.

3.Digital tools: Use of digital tools such as multimedia clips, interactive digital screens, pens,providesa space in class to students.  They can easily participate in the learning process.

4.Help the students to coordinate their outside world and in the school environment by introducing modern day technology in the class.

Technology plays an important role in the lives of children outside the school environment.  Many of them use computers, smart phones, iPads and tablets in their daily lives.  They are more familiar with the digital tools and if the learning inside the classroom reflects the outside environment, the children are likely to be more focused and interested in the school / college curriculum.

5.Use technology to capture and focus attention:

Introduce a difficult topic like calculus or feeding habits of carnivorous animals, through video clips, internet research and visual displays.  Visual display rivets the attention and keeps it focused for a longer period than the spoken or written words.  Students will remain focused and be able to grasp the basic concept easily.

6.Combine technology and traditional learning;

Try the old and trusted method of introducing the topic – explaining – and revising, till the topic is fully understood. Digital media provides a very superfluous knowledge base and one is likely to forget the information, whereas the traditional learning methods help the students to internalize knowledge and keep it alive for a longer period. A combination of both methods goes a long way in reinforcing knowledge.

7.Do not go overboard with the use of technology:

Use technology judiciously, your lessons plans should contain both traditional and modern methodologies.  Your students need to develop learning skills that take into account both traditional and modern methods of learning. If they learn only through technological tools, they will not be able to cope with the traditional patterns of learning in future

8.Be an enthusiastic user of technology:

Emerson says that one cannot do anything real if one lacks enthusiasm; if you use technology in a halfhearted and lackadaisical manner it becomes apparent to the students, who will then lose interest in learning.

9.Use of technology in teaching adds to diversification of methods of teaching and makes teaching more interesting.

10.When technology is used in the class the traditional role of a teacher is changed perceptibly.  The teachers are viewed as facilitators and mentors.

Use of technology in the education system is an important step towards creating an environment in the class that reflects the outside world. In a world that is becoming more and more digital, teachers need to keep pace with the change and introduce new methods of learning as well.

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