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Online Trigonometry Tutoring: Homework Help

Simplify trigonometry. Our expert and qualified trigonometry tutors understand your problems and guide you towards better grades in trigonometry. Our aim is to help the student understand concepts in trigonometry and master the techniques of solving problems quickly with confidence.

Learn Trigonometry from  Certified Online Trigonometry Tutor:

Trignon means triangle and metry is to measure

What is Trigonometry?

  Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that studies relationships between the sides and angles of triangles.

Where is Trigonometry used?

✓  We use it to find a missing side or angle in a triangle.

How is Trigonometry used?

Special functions are there, which are simply one side of a triangle divided by another.

Terms used in Trigonometry

✓  LEGS – the two sides of a right triangle which form the right angle.
✓  Hypotenuse is the third side which is opposite the right angle. It is always same.
✓  Theta θ  is used to represent the angle.
✓  Depending on which angle we’re referring to at the time, the designations of opposite and adjacent can change.

Sides of a Triangle in Trigonometry

✓  The side that doesn’t help make up the angle – opposite side
✓  The side which is always one of the sides of the angle – adjacent side
✓  They are simply one side of a triangle divided by another like the ratios that we get like Sine, Cosine and Tangent, which  are often written as Sin, Cos and Tan.

Why Trigonometry is important?

We use Trigonometry to:

✓  determine the distance of the shore from sea
✓  calculate the distance between two celestial bodies
✓  represent different physical quantities such as mechanical waves, and other waves
✓  measure the heights of huge mountains and big towers
✓  used in oceanography to calculate height of tides


Check Point:

Problem 1. Write two applications of Trigonometry.

Problem 2. Which side of a right triangle is the opposite to the right angle?

Problem 3 . Complete it:

Answer Key

Ans 1.

i.  To calculate the distance between two celestial bodies

ii. To measure the heights of huge mountains and big towers.

Ans 2. Hypotenuse

Ans 3. Opposite and Adjacent

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