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Even and Odd Arithmetic Patterns

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Learn  Even and odd numbers  from Certified Online Pre-Algebra Tutor

Even Numbers

Any number (integer) that can be divided exactly by 2.
The digit at ones place is 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8

Odd Numbers

Any number (integer) that cannot be divided exactly by 2 .
The digit at ones place is 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9

Adding and Subtracting

When we add or subtract even or odd numbers the results are always:

even + even = even
odd   + odd  = even
even + odd  = odd
odd   + even = odd

The result is same if the operation is subtraction.

Let’s understand with an example

Is 96 – 15 even or odd?
96 is even. 15 is odd.

Use the rule:

even – odd = odd

96 – 15 is odd.

Now check your answer by doing the math.

96 – 15 = 81

Yes, the answer is odd. 81 ends in a 1, which makes it odd.

Check Point

  1. Is 149 – 15 even or odd?
  2.  Is 38+ 194 even or odd?
  3.  Kira works in the kitchen of a Mexican restaurant. Over the weekend, she washed 252 small plates and 141 large plates. How many plates did she wash over the weekend?Is  the answer  even or odd?
  4. John is a school janitor. Last week, he picked up a total of 662 pieces of trash. He picked another 81 pieces of trash from the classrooms, how many pieces of trash did John pick up in total? Is the answer even or odd?
  5. Since he was hired, a chef has served a total of 455 guests. Of those guests, 61 were adults. How many children has the chef served? Is the answer  even or odd?
Answer Key
  1. even
  2. even
  3. 393 ,odd
  4. 743,odd
  5. 394,even

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