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Online Pre-Algebra Tutoring: Equivalent decimals

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Learn  Equivalent Decimals  from Certified Online Pre-Algebra Tutor

Equivalent decimals are numbers which indicate the same fraction of the whole. They are decimals that have the same value. Two decimals are equivalent to each other  if they are the same except for the number of zeros at the very end of the number. Based We can write equivalent decimals by adding zeroes at the end. 27.230 and 27.23000 are equivalent decimals. Also, 5.6 and 5.60 are equivalent decimal numbers

Lets understand with an example:

Which decimal is equivalent to 0.8?

a) 8.80
b) 8.8
c) 0.80
d) 0.08

Equivalent decimals have the same value.
When you add zeroes to the right of a decimal, its value stays the same.


Write 1 extra zero to the right of 0.8
0.8 → 0.80
0.8and 0.80 are equivalent decimals.

Check Point

  1. Are 2.0250 and 2.0200 equivalent decimals?

Yes /No

  1. Which decimal is equivalent to 94.200?
  1. 92.200
  2. 90.2
  3. 94.2000
  4. 94.2600
  1. Which decimal is equivalent to 5.5100?
  1. 5.50
  2. 5.0
  3. 5.0005
  4. 5.51
  1. Which decimal is equivalent to 0.40?
  1. 0.000
  2. 0.00
  3. 0.4000
  4. 0.04
  1. Are 6.642 and 6.6420 equivalent decimals?

Yes / No

Answer Key
  1. No
  2. .c) 94.2000
  3. d) 5.51
  4. c) 0.4000
  5. Yes

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