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Online Pre-Calculus Tutoring for High School

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Expert tutors at eTutorWorld teach High School Students not only about Vectors, Matrices and System of Equations but also Quadratic Functions and Polynomial Functions. If want to master the challenges of Pre-Calculus, you have come to the right place. Come and enjoy one on one interactive tutoring sessions specially prepared to suit your specific needs.

The Online High School Pre-Calculus Tutor at eTutorWorld offers Online Pre-Calculus Help for High School Kids. Are you confused with Exponential and Logarithmic functions in your homework? Online High School Pre-Calculus Home Work Help at eTutorWorld illustrates each point comprehensively to answer all your questions. Professionally trained tutors at eTutorWorld also offer Online High School Pre-Calculus Assignment Help. They understand that practicing Pre-Calculus problems gives a strong foundation to complex concepts. They give you the opportunity to check your Answers for High School Pre-Calculus so you can evaluate and rectify your mistakes independently too. Our tutors are ready to solve Pre-Calculus online in individualized tutoring sessions.

Certified Online Pre-Calculus Tutors for 10th Graders

Pre-Calculus Includes Advanced Algebra at eTutorWorld

Often the term ‘Algebra and Trigonometry’ is also used for Pre-Calculus.Interactive online Pre-Calculus lessons empower tutors to understand each student’s strengths and weaknesses and deliver lessons that better meet students’ needs. Personalized learning experiences driven by new technology prepares students with the skills they need to get good jobs and compete with the best. This kind of personalized and focused tutoring will help you heighten your sense of deductive reasoning, analytical reasoning and problem solving skills and help you to find answers for High School Pre-Calculus. Come and enjoy the sessions that have been uniquely designed for you! Pre-Calculus is the basis for topics in Calculus. It is the first step towards preparation for standardized tests like AP Calculus.  Good knowledge of pre-calculus means good preparation for the SAT subject test in Mathematics 2. So, whether you are preparing for a test, catching up or getting ahead, our comprehensive online Pre-Calculus program helps you anyway. It helps you analyze topics like Exponential and Logarithmic FunctionsQuadratic and Polynomial FunctionsVectors and Matrices, and many more.

Pre-Calculus Topics covered include:


  1.  Definition of a Function
  2. Algebraic Operations on Functions and apply Transformations.
  3. Composite Functions

Exponential And Logarithmic Functions

  1. Relationship between exponential and logarithmic functions
  2. Graphs of logarithmic functions
  3. Solution of exponential and logarithmic functions
  4. Problems involving Exponential growth and decay.

Quadratic Functions

  1. Solution of quadratic equations by substitution
  2. Applications of quadratic functions

Polynomial Functions

  1. Intervals and graphs of polynomial functions
  2. Solution of polynomial equations and inequalities of degree >=to three
  3. The Remainder Theorem
  4. Factor Theorem
  5. Fundamental Theorem of Algebra

Rational Functions And Difference Quotients

  1. Solutions of equations and inequalities involving rational functions.
  2. Vertical and horizontal asymptotes

Patterns, Functions and Algebra Standard

Transcendental and Periodic Functions.

Vectors , Matrices, System Of Equations.

  1. Operations on Vectors
  2. Operations on Matrices
  3. Inverse of a matrix
  4. Determinants
  5. Gaussian elimination
  6. Linear Programming

Sequences, Series And Mathematical Induction.

  1. The sigma and factorial notation.
  2. Arithmetic sequences
  3. Geometric sequences
  4. Mathematical Induction
  5. Binomial Theorem
  6. Pascal’s Triangle

Polar Coordinates, Parameterizations, And Conic Sections.

  1. Conversion between polar and rectangular coordinates.
  2. Graph of functions in polar coordinates.
  3. De Moivre’s Theorem
  4. Parametric and Rectangular forms of equations.
  5. Locus
  6. Graphs of parabolas, ellipses and hyperbolas

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