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Summer Geometry Courses

Summer Geometry Courses 2022

Online Geometry Summer Enrichment Program

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Our Tutors use the unique ‘Learning by Design’ teaching methodology to make sure that learning is complete, exact and for life. The Geometry summer online course starts with a diagnostic test to understand your interests, strengths and gaps in learning. Based on this test, our expert Geometry tutor and counselors plan your learning path for every week and lesson. During every tutoring session, our tutors endeavor to enhance your talents and step up your progress levels. Our summer courses are supported by activities and real-life-situations that help students retain taught concepts. Finally an end-of-course assessment is taken to measure your accomplishments during the course.

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Geometry is all about visualization and relating concepts to all that we see around us. A summer program in Geometry helps middle & high school students learn and understand concepts better. Our interactive online summer Geometry program helps students learn quickly. Tutors develop summer sessions that are fun, interactive and effective.

Personalized Geometry Learning

Explore multiple options you can have on our Geometry Summer Course. Get a fun Geometry worksheet to reinforce concepts learnt post every summer course session. You could also learn more than one subject using a single subscription. Call/email us to know how we can help you improve, progress and eventually master geometry.

Summer Enrichment Program 2022 Schedule and Dates

  • 2 to 4 personal online tutoring sessions per week
  • 8 to 10 weeks 
  • The syllabus for the summer courses can be either given by the student or offered by eTutorWorld tutors
  • The start date and schedule are flexible and will be customized for each student

Below is a suggested schedule for the Geometry lessons during Summer Program. However, it may be different for you, depending on your availability, ability and progress.

Week 1 Diagnostic Assessment & Evaluation
  • Basics of Geometry
  • The Coordinate Plane and its Quadrants
  • Classifying angles and triangles
  • Midpoint and Distance Formula
  • Week 2
  • Angle classification when two parallel lines are cut by a transversal
  • Definition: Centroid, orthocenter, circumcenter, incenter
  • Congruent and Similar Triangles
  • Week 3
  • Triangle inequality theorem, Pythagorean theorem
  • Classifying quadrilaterals and polygons
  • Properties of different types of quadrilaterals
  • Week 4
  • Perimeter and Area of 2 Dimensional figures
  • Surface Area and Volume of 3 Dimensional figures
  • Introduction to circles and its related terms
  • Week 5
  • Circumference and area of circle
  • Finding length of arc and area of sector
  • Equation of a Circle and its variations
  • Week 6
  • Reflection and Transformations
  • Trigonometric Ratios and Functions
  • Inverses of Trigonometric Functions
  • Week 7
  • Logical reasoning, truth tables
  • Framing if and then statements
  • Converse inverse and contra positive of a statement
  • Week 8
  • Review
  • Queries
  • Assessment Test
  • The Online Geometry Summer 2022 Program:

    A Geometry diagnostic assessment helps us understand your interests, strengths and areas for improvement. Based on the evaluation of this test, we plan your learning path for every week. During each tutoring session, our online Geometry tutors enhance your math skills and step up your progress level.

    Our online Geometry summer course is supported by worksheets that will help you retain concepts learned. Finally, an end-of-course assessment is given to measure your progress in the Online Geometry Summer Program. Our personalized approach ensures your total satisfaction with the Geometry help provided.

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