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9th Grade Science Tutoring Online

Find Online Science Tutors and home work help for 9th Graders

You continue the voyage of discovery this year as you develop a deeper understanding of human life processes. You also discover how technology can be used to induce desirable traits in economically important plants and animals. Or, how new materials are formed as atoms are rearranged. You will experiment and arrive at the variety of compounds that arise out of this rearrangement. You predict the outcome of interaction among objects in real life by applying the laws of conservation of energy and momentum. With eTutorWorld virtual help to aid and support you at every step of the journey, and hundreds of practice worksheets available for download!

Certified Online Science Tutors for 9th Graders:

With our 9th grade science tutoring, your child will learn about:

Grade 9 curriculum

1. Scalars and Vectors

  • Concept of Scalars and Vectors
  • Difference between Scalar and Vector Quantities

2. Describing Motion

  • Distance and Displacement
  • Speed and Velocity
  • Linear and Projectile Motion
  • Inertia: Mass, Force and Motion
  • Thrust and Pressure

3. Momentum and Collisions

  • What is Momentum?
  • Law of Conservation of Momentum
  • Linear Momentum and Collisions

4. Work, Energy and Power

  • Work – Concept and its Mathematics
  • Work-Energy Relationship
  • Forms of Energy – Potential and Kinetic
  • Power and Energy

5. Physical Properties of Fluids

  • Density and Pressure
  • Viscosity and Surface Tension
  • Buoyancy and Archimedes’ Principle

6. Electricity and Magnetism

  • Static and Current Electricity
  • Electric Charge, Field and Potential
  • Circuits, Ohm’s Law and Resistance
  • Types of Electric Circuits and Fuses
  • Electromagnets

7. Wave Motion

  • Concept and Terminologies of Wave Motion
  • Classification and Characteristics of Wave Motion
  • Waves and sound

8. Electromagnetic Waves

  • Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Properties of Electromagnetic Waves
  • Uses of Electromagnetic Waves

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All these concepts and skills that you will acquire in Science this year are integrated rather than discipline based, stressing the connection between all the science topics. Our Science worksheets at eTutorWorld are designed to suit the increasing levels of complexity of these concepts and skills paving the way to a deeper understanding of the topics. You are honed to ably handle any science assignment or test.

Our online tutors are qualified with a Master’s in Education and their teaching methods focus on the development of clear concepts and real-life applications. This ensures a smooth progress to higher levels of all branches of Science.

Qualified expert tutors, high quality audio and video connection, easy verbal and visual interaction, library of resources with access to virtual learning materials, access to our repertoire of science practice worksheets and more are all integrated into our sessions. Watch your grades and confidence improve with us!

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