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Pre-Algebra Tutor – Build A Strong Math Foundation With Us

Pre-Algebra Online Tutoring with Expert Math Tutors  

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Pre-algebra is usually a part of the curriculum for middle school students in grade 8 that covers a wide range of math topics.

 Importantly, Pre-Algebra is the foundation of advanced high school math courses – Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. In this course, you learn the basics of Solving Linear Equations, Variable Expressions, Ratios, Proportion, Order of Operations, Square Roots, and more.

Master Pre-Algebra with help from expert Algebra Tutors at eTutorWorld. Build a strong foundation for High School Algebra with personalized lesson plans, one-to-one sessions, and curated worksheets.

Pre-Algebra Topics

More Topics on Pre-Algebra

  • Integers
  • Rational Numbers & Irrational Numbers
  • Fractions, Decimals & Percentages
  • Number Theory
  • Prime Factors
  • Factorization
  • Exponents
  • Scientific Notation
  • Ratios & Proportions
  • Coordinate Graphs
  • Scale Factors and Dilation
  • Geometric Growth Patterns
  • Geometry
  • Expressions, Variables, and Basic Operations
  • Equations and Inequalities
  • Statistics& Probability

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Why learn Pre-Algebra?

Knowing Arithmetic is a prerequisite to learning Algebra. Learning Arithmetic concepts for young children gets very challenging if they are unable to relate these concepts to the things around them. eTutorWorld aspiring Arithmetic tutors teach basic math concepts like Operations on NumbersSkip Counting and Comparing Numbers using real life situations and sharing colorful worksheets.

While Arithmetic is taught up to Grade 5, Pre-Algebra is typically taught to students from grades 6 onwards. These topics include Integers, Rational & Irrational Numbers, Exponents and some Geometry concepts that hone a student’s math skills and logical thinking. Pre-Algebra learning is also essential for doing well on most Standardized Tests like the SCATSSATSATISEE, ACT and many more. Math concepts well-learnt in Middle-School and High-School,help build a student’s analytical and logical ability which in turn goes a long way in improving test-taking and problem-solving skills.

You as a parent must be often confused and upset when your child doesn’t do well in math. Your child’s helplessness and disappointment with unimpressive math scores then turns into life-long hatred for math.

A study by our counselors suggests that there are 2 main reasons for students turning their back towards math:

  1. Not understanding essential math concepts
  2. Insufficient math practice

Online Tutoring Pricing

Expert 1-on-1 Personal Tutoring, Now Affordable to All.

Every online tutoring session has 50 to 55 minutes of teaching time.

No credit card required. No obligation to purchase

How can my child do well in Pre-algebra? Get help from our expert Pre-algebra tutors.

eTutorWorld Middle & High School Math Tutors are able to tackle both these issues. During a one-on-one online tutoring session, a tutor starts with diagnosing a student’s weaknesses and working on eliminating the same. After each session, the student is sent a practice worksheet to reinforce and revise topics taught which can be solved and sent back for an evaluation. With the same tutor tutoring your child in every session, the comfort level and rapport attained allows your child to ask math questions without feeling hesitant or ashamed.

Individualized lesson plans during personalized pre-algebra tutoring sessions helps students sashay through all those mind-boggling math problems and score top grades.

Pre Algebra Tutors


Pre Algebra Tutor
Masters in Computer Application

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Life to me is not only about its physical form but also includes spiritual, mental and social health. Anand enjoys music and painting. He says that never leaving any work unfinished is his weakness.


Pre Algebra Tutor

1,000+ hrs of Tutoring

I’m passionate about giving my students the best possible education. The philosophy of my life is in sync with the Einstein’s educational philosophy “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”. My hobbies are to solve puzzles, reading books and painting. I enjoy meeting new people and that is what connects me to my new students.


Pre Algebra Tutor
Engineering Graduate in Mechanics

1,000+ hrs of Tutoring

A Mechanical Engineer by qualification, and a tutor by profession and passion. Have been helping students online, from all over the globe for 15+ years, in Math and Physics. Like to teach every student in a unique, best suited way. The subject could be any, from Algebra 1 to Multivariable Calculus to Advanced Probability in Mathematics and Classical Mechanics and Electromagnetism in Physics.


Pre Algebra Tutor
Masters in Physics

5,00+ hrs of Tutoring

Komal is a Physicist, Meditator, and a Public Speaker. ‘I live every moment exploring life to its full potential. I wish to inspire millions across this planet and help them discover their never ending smile.’

eTutorWorld’s Pre-Algebra Tutoring 

Take advantage of one-on-one, customized Pre-Algebra lessons from excellent tutors.

 Our primary goal at eTutorWorld is to help you connect with the best pre-algebra tutor for your particular needs, despite your busy schedule.

How Can Our Personalized Pre-Algebra Tutoring help you? 

You’ve read it above, but if you’re still seeking the answer to the phrase ‘pre-algebra tutoring near me’ for your child, eTutorWorld is your best answer.

Schedule a free trial session with us to discover the true extent of our expertise in pre-algebra.

In a one-on-one environment, eTutorWorld’s private pre-algebra tutor can provide an opportunity for students to ask questions they might not be comfortable asking in class. By this manner of asking questions freely, our pre-algebra tutors will be able to identify areas in which students can improve their skills and avoid misunderstandings.

Furthermore, we support plans to create customized learning schedules that adapt to each student’s skills, curriculum updates, and test calendars, as well as other factors affecting the student’s academic development. The pre-algebra tutor can then focus on your student’s weakest areas, so they’re more likely to remain engaged during sessions instead of plodding through topics they’re already familiar with. With this major advantage with them, the student can adjust the pace of their pre-algebra tutoring, unlike in a traditional learning environment. In addition, our tutor can also devote ample time to building a student’s confidence in every aspect of pre-algebra.

A pre-algebra tutor at eTutorWorld assesses more than just the class content of the student. We discuss the pre-algebra concepts with the students to make sure they understand them correctly. In such cases where the students do not understand, our tutors make sure to introduce the concepts in multiple ways until they are clear.

Can eTutorWorld’s Pre Algebra Tutors Help Students With Tests And Home-works? 

It isn’t a point of tutoring if we cannot assist the students with their tests and homework. Our pre-algebra tutors will aid students in preparing for any test, whether it is a standardized test or a final examination. Also, our tutors can adjust their tutoring schedules if test preparation in a particular algebra concept is of the highest priority.

 When it comes to pre-algebra home assignments, our tutors train the students to counter the assignment themselves instead of telling them directly what to do. As a result, tutors at eTutorWorld assess a student’s level of understanding, as well as their approach to a specific concept in pre-algebra. Once aware of this, the pre-algebra tutor can easily guide the student towards the correct approach if their initial approach is incorrect.

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